Huffington Post : A Conversation with Joe Walsh

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A Conversation with Joe Walsh of the Eagles

Mike Ragogna: Joe Walsh, how are you, sir?

Joe Walsh: Fantastic, how are you, sir?

MR: Pretty well. Let's dive right into your latest news. The headline reads, "Joe Walsh is auctioning VIP Eagles seats, and a meet and greet for the final Eagles show of 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on November 19th," which is significant because the concert is sold out, and this is a way someone can still go. Now, this is in association with Gaden Shartse. Can you go into some detail about that?

JW: Gaden Shartse monastery was one of the oldest in Tibet; it goes back to the 15th century. When the Chinese occupied Tibet in 1950, all of the monks had to go into exile, so they went to India... Read Full Interview

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