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    On Jun 19 2012, Ron said:

    I'm going to try this again, now that I'm logged in!!(talk about analog) Hey!! I'm sitting here waiting for UPS to get here with my fan club stuff, and saw the clip with your friends. Looks like really good stuff!! I'd watch it, but I don't get CMT! I don't mind though,as I will be seeing you in Salem on 9-25-2012! Remember to bring some WD-40, as thats what they use up here for suntan oil!!!! .... .. .... .. Still listen for you on 20m and 80m, but no luck yet. One of these days! Been listening since "Yer Album"and have all your vinyl, and a couple of CD'S. If only I could get my kids to stop borrowing them, and forgetting to bring them back. Keep on Rocking !! __ ... ...__
    Ron KA7QGD

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