Gallivan Center in SLC 8/21/12

  1. On Aug 30 2012, Ron said:

    Great show!!! Joe rocked the house!! Iwas there with my wife,and my son and his girl. Joe was on the money! Had m+g with him. My best moment was "The bomber" Have always had a spot for that song, haunting slide,echo,just gets to my soul!!!
    Joe, I think I scared you with my nose hair beard at our M+G . I am glad I did get the opportunity after all these yrs. A long way from "yer album"! You really changed my way of looking at music after I heard that album! You played slide before any white man I was aware of.You use dthe bag before frampton made his top40 song,I don't remember the name.Hi,Hi! It's a hard road,one day at a time,but i've been doing it for about ten yrs. now, so I know you can!! Best 73 Ron ka7qgd

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