Joe and Jimmy Page

  1. On Dec 15 2012, David said:

    How cool is this. Two wrif giants. Jimmy and Joe. "It's been a long time since you rock and rolled", but man, it's been worth the wait. Sounding better than ever. Been watching ALL the TV shows Joe has been on and it gives me goose bumps. We missed your music, but you are back and please keep it going. The world needs Joe Walsh singing, playing, writing, recording, and bringing us joy and laughter. How effing refreshing.

  2. On Dec 8 2012, al said:

    I don't think he sold Jimmy his LesPaul, he gave it to him.

  3. On Dec 8 2012, Thommy said:

    I feel privileged to have seen both Jimmy and Joe back in the 70's... saw Zeppelin in Tampa in '77, the Eagles in Gainesville Florida in '79. Both such talented guitarists and writers. I'm also very glad they had the strength of character to guide their lives away from the self-destructive lifestyles many of us led back then, and both are still viable, creative musicians.
    Small bit of trivia: Joe sold Jimmy his #1 Less Paul, back in 1969

  4. On Oct 27 2012, BORNAGAINMAN said:

    Jimmy and my first Zep LP when I was 8 years old living in Texas, and found J.W. when mommy & daddy moved us to the wonderful state of Ohio at age 9. Thank You guys for all of the years...after all,you fellas did all of the work...all I had to do was keep batteries in the radio and scrape up the cash for the next album. God Blees the both of you.
    Pastor Dana.

  5. On Oct 22 2012, Tribalgeoff said:

    Lovely smiles; sounds guys! U r both "Da Man"

  6. On Oct 17 2012, John Pettit said:

    Very Cool Guys. Still good "Les Paul" buddies after all these years!
    Share the stage someday but, it "might get loud". The louder the better.
    Johnny Pettit

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