1. On Feb 4 2013, Viv said:

    Thanks to all the soldiers that have sacrificed. You are all truly amazing!

  2. On Jan 18 2013, rembrandt said:

    I am a fan since early 70's, own much of your work and have seen you and the Eagles at the Bicentennial Concert at Tampa Stadium on 7/4/1976, Hell Freezes Over Tour in '95 and Guitar Sessions on Audience Channel. What impresses me tremendously is your genuine caring personality. From budding guitarists to recovering alcholics/addicts (I'm sober for eight years) and here with the Military Heroes at Walter Reed. Your stock has appreciated immensely in many of our books. I look forward to investing in Analog Man and look forward to hearing more from you. Your dedicated friend, Marion K. Billheimer. 239-440-1130.

  3. On Jan 12 2013, Turn to Stone said:

    Way to go Joe! Thank you for visiting these heroes. I know it meant a lot to them and their families. Musta meant a lot to you too! again, thanks

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