1. On Apr 25 2014, Barbara said:

    I have loved Joe Walsh since his James Gang days........this man has so much but he takes time to spend time with the real heros of our world...............................I will always be a fan

  2. On Feb 12 2013, Daddy said:

    God Bless these our soldiers...the very best of us and God Bless the likes of Joe Walsh who stepped outside of his celebrity, had the thought and took the time to acknowledge and give of himself to the fellows that gave so much for us. I've loved his music since high school, (and I'm 59 years old)...he must be a very, very good good man! Hope to see him in either Tacoma or Portland!

  3. On Jan 12 2013, Clarkstar said:

    It's amazing what one person can do for others.... Thank you Joe, for taking the time to help, by sharing some of your particularly bright light with these soldiers. Beauty and inspiration in every picture!

  4. On Jan 12 2013, Wiseguy007 said:

    Thanks Joe, for being there.

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