1. On Mar 9 2022, Angel said:

    Joe You are an Earth Angel. Your Music is SO Healing. Thank you SO much for Choosing to Share Your Gift with the World. I Saw The Eagles Show in Sunrise Florida Feb 25, 2022. You just get Better with Age my Friend. God Bless You Abundantly as You Bless Others with your Gift of Music.

  2. On May 21 2021, Jay Cap said:

    Hi Joe. I have to recognize you for inspiring many including myself to pick up a guitar and just have fun, but most of all to just be a salt of the earth and good person. Grew up listening to your music as a kid going through my parents albums and the occasional 8 track. Recently saw your interview clips in the Terry Kath Experience, such an inspirational and touching story. Prompted me to learn more about your story. Would love to know If you ever play in Montclair or anywhere in the tri-state area. Unfortunately I’ve never seen you live but have to now. Just learned you went to Montclair HS. Very cool. Such a great town as of course you know. Stay great.

  3. On May 19 2019, Jim Foxe said:

    Hi Joe, Would love to see what you could do with this very upbeat and encouraging song by Babbie Mason (adding your funk and everything else you got in your splendid guitar and magnificently creative head of yours). Please check it out and see what you could do. It's in the genre of "Life's Been Good To Me." :-)

  4. On Apr 13 2019, B Barnes said:

    I have see Joe 4 times---2 with The Eagles---once at Riverfest (took both of my kids) and the with Tom Petty (took both my kids) Joe is absolutely superb, i believe a super nice guy. I have brought both daughters up to listen and admire Joe's Music. What gets lost is his early stuff--I mean The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get and So What are with Barnstorm and Joe Vitale--Just look at YouTube from the live Concerts 1972-1974 truly awesome songs Meadows, Wolf, Turn To Stone, Rocky Moutian Way-I think The James Gang Greatest Hits was my first album purchased 1972. The Bomber, Mother Says!!!! I sure hope he is coming to Little Rock ASAP again!!!! Great Music Joe---Great Job --BB

  5. On Aug 29 2018, Chipmunk said:

    Hey Joe,
    This is Sol in Memphis.. I know you wont remember me from the old days when you lived here. I'm 65 now and have seen you every time you have been here. I think it was Mollys here where I would hang and talk with you.
    Take Care!!!
    Sol in MEM

  6. On May 30 2018, Mindy Lilly said:

    JW- I am worried about Tommy Stephenson. I know you are friends again. Could you please get in touch with him and find out what is happening? I'm just a person who watched you guys record in 1973 at Caribou Ranch. I don't know Tommy that well. Haven't seen him since 1973 but am asking, seriously, from my heart, that you please check on him.

  7. On Apr 27 2018, Lynn Eric said:

    How is it that no one has left a comment on one of the greatest & most creative artists of our time??? There should be hundreds or thousands of comments posted. Come on people... get with it!