1. On Sep 15 2019, Debbie V said:

    Thanks Joe for being a part of the healing so many need from addiction. Problem is, young people really just don't believe it "can happen to them" and make excuses such as "I can control this" etc.... Invincible youth can send us to places we never wanted to be. I was lucky. Many many years ago I tried things I should not have and never became an addict and dropped anything cold turkey. No problem. I am clean as a whistle today and have been since my 20's.(55 now). Unfortunately I saw others not so lucky who lost everything they ever had and everything they were to the drive to persistently seek out the high. I know what you meant when you said "You chase it". Anyway Joe, you are the best. Debra V aka The Poet

  2. On Oct 6 2017, Jill Carlucci said:

    Joe, Thank you, on behalf of TAM (The Addicts Mom) for your efforts at Washington DC!

    You need one of these shirts... https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=ssVr0jxZ&id=A3939B498B9B13D5C72F30953E61092987E70A40&thid=OIP.ssVr0jxZvcABWQuYnQXPWQELEs&q=Scully+Patriotic+American+Flag+Western+Shirt&simid=608013928925105595&selectedIndex=0

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