Life's Been Good (Live Spoken Word Version)

Joe Walsh explains the lyrics and thought process behind the making of Life's Been Good!

  1. On Nov 21 2013, Renee said:

    I feel sorry for the younger generation that wasn't around in the seventies and so . I know we partied and all, but it was so much more open and fun and innocent than what people are partying with these days.... at least for me it was. Joe sounds like you had quite a life!

  2. On Jan 6 2013, wwwebster said:

    "The requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players." Not at Really? "Wrecking Ball" plays OK! What's going on here?

  3. On Jul 6 2012, Toopanga said:

    I was five in 1970 when I saw the "Rides Again" album cover and heard the record in the background at my neighbors apartment. She was a hair dresser and she'd invite me over for soda pops when she got home from work. I can't see Joe Walsh and not think about that moment in time, I can't hear his music and not feel that welcome feeling and the expectation of adventure and freedom that I associated with that album cover at such a young age. "Life's been good" was another episode.... Thanks Joe!!

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