Lucky That Way (Live)

Joe Walsh performs "Lucky That Way" live at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA

  1. On Oct 16 2012, JerryK said:

    No, you worked at it. When Dale and Jim would take a break at the Dome in Kent, you would sit in the back of the stage working on licks. Keep up the great work.

  2. On Jun 26 2012, jerry scheer said:

    listening to your album in las vegas in my swimming pool under the palm trees

  3. On Jun 22 2012, Richard Perry said:

    Joe, your incredible music throughout the years has been a true gift to the world. Like fine wine, your talent improves gracefully, and your sound becomes better with time.

  4. On Jun 10 2012, Barry Lavers said:

    We all love you Joe. Congratulations on these great new songs. Please don't stop making your "own" songs......... and yes Life's been good.

  5. On Jun 1 2012, Casey said:

    Joe, I am sure Mrs. M. Walsh is very proud... and should be. You did good my friend. You know we make our own luck, its the way it works. All my best. Mark

  6. On May 28 2012, DavidN831 said:

    We're the lucky ones, Joe.

    You keep making those sweet sounds, and we'll keep loving what you do.

    Welcome back.


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