For The Record - Album Teaser

Joe Walsh discusses some of the songs from his new album Analog Man which will be available June 5th.

  1. On Nov 21 2013, Renee said:

    Love you Joe. You are still mind blowingly good. Heading over to buy this Analog Man album. I know it's not an album anymore...I don't have a record player anymore....just sounds better than cd. Thanks for all of the years of great music.

  2. On Jul 4 2012, dscriptic said:

    Thank you so much for making our world a better place! Your music makes so very many people stand in awe of your talents. I'm also looking forward to seeing you at Wolftrap! I'm really glad you're getting more of your songs and collaborations circulating back into the music world for many generations to enjoy. Best wishes, and thank you so much! Also, thanks for the hat!

  3. On May 25 2012, KevinB said:

    Anyone who hung with K.Moon in the 70s and is still rockin 40 years later is amazing. Thanks, Joe for the countless riffs, lyrics etc and for being humble and zany. I fondly remember you playing your ass off in Memphis in 69-70 and the energizer bunny with Ringo's Allstars in the 90s. See you at Wolftrap this summer.

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