Analog Man Tour Stop in NY and MA

Analog Man Tour in Westhampton Beach NY, Hyannis and Cohasset, MA.

  1. On Aug 28 2013, old hippie in galesburg said:

    I wanna a buy a dvd of all his concerts stops lately playing his catalog .comon joe ive been a fan over 42 yrs and the only concert footage is with the eagles

  2. On Aug 28 2013, old hippie in galesburg said:

    I wannabuy a dvd off these recent music event of latelybeen listening to joe over 42 yrs

  3. On Aug 18 2012, corpsound said:

    Well what's up with this. Not one comment? Is everbody done? And I am not talkin about CA. Somebody must have gone to the MA shows. Well, Joe, one of these days I am going to finally get to see one of your shows. Being an Audio engineer for probably 32 years in MA too long and trying to keep the company afloat, I have missed too many shows including yours, but on the bright side, you have been one of my inspirations, so much so , that I put together what I call a HArd Rock 70's show band, with every musician required to sing and humor being mandatory in rehearsals , and part of the show. I carefully picked out a six pack of copy guitars that I am continually tweaking and set my sites on a Dr Z Maz Jr. temple of sonic wonderment. Yep, it's all about Tone and the right hand ( if you are a righty) when it comes to making that guitar talk. Anyway, thanx for the humor that you inject into your songs and stage banter. Rock without humor. NO WAY! Please keep them both on the same track, watch out for the crossings, and don't derail.

    By the way thanx for helping Bob Heil develop those great Microphones. I just love his slide shows and stories he shared the last few times I met him. Well enough of this ramblin. I just printed my Best Buy Coupon and I am going to pick up Analog Man hopefully tomorrow. Great song , by the way. Put a big smile on my face.Will keep watch on your Website for future dates out our way. Keep Rockin, but not too Seriously.
    Joe Klein
    Attleboro, MA

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