Analog Man Tour in NY and NJ

Analog Man Tour in Westhampton Beach, NY and Morristown, NJ.

  1. On Mar 18 2013, Lodi said:

    Hi Joe !!
    Hey ...I'm the first entry, WOW!! and I just joined tonight!! OK first I'm sorry I've passed you by all these years, yea...I'd crank up "Rocky Mountain Way" on the radio but man I was listening to you back in the mid 70's and not given a thought of going to a show. Now having said that I feel I've had a boulder of my chest, I hope not to drag this out but I felt compelled to write like as so many here have on what a inspiration you have been to all of us that have enjoyed your music through out the years. I've lost 30 years of my life to drugs and alcohol and I'm now 51 and have come to a humbling revelations a few years back and knowing what I knew of you then and now and then this new album has really put things in perspective for me. You've made it personal in a way that I connected with every song like I'd say ....I would have wrote that song that way. So I'm desperately trying to keep this short so I'll say "yes you are back and you are good to go" and so am I and I'm feeling bless I haven't completely missed out and will try to get to one of the last remaining shows on your tour. You are only as old as you feel ...enough said but I can't imagine the toll going on tour take on ones self. You enjoy what you do that's evident or you would not do what your doing, and the fans as do I so appreciate seeing you perform again. Your a very talented and caring sole Joe Walsh and I'm glad to have had you in my life time. Hope to see you perform in Huntington, NY. in April maybe if I'm lucky..close as you'll get to Maryland. more thing thanks for the tutorials on "YouTube" on setting up the guitar, big help. I have a Epi. Les Paul and am learning music and playing it. Getting better every day... Take care.

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