Joe Walsh - No Man's Land

  1. On May 26 2017, Brad Z said:

    i've never seen a more meaningful song and video. As I try to understand it all, this video gives me some peace and perspective on everything. I'm here up in chilly Canada hoping that all those brave and loving American soldiers will end the entire sorted mess out there with the help of all their friends. I've been in battles of my own with the drink and drugs and homelessness and sin I guess you would call it. Been to AA meetings and all of that. Every little bit of love we get helps. There are so many ways to pitch in. Just wanna thank you Joe for the laughter you've given me over the years. Drew Carey show. Interviews and super fun performances on TV. Do you possibly remember the Skit on a Late Night Comedy where you and your band loaded up the Limo with your camping gear and played pranks out in the woods on that outdoor fishing guy? Oh, shit, that is the best laugh I ever had. It may have saved me from the 80s. One last thing, these days I worry so much I (almost) have ulcers. And they worry too!haha. Please keep up the good work.

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