Guitar Center Session On DIRECTV Dec 7th 9pm

Posted Nov 26 2012 by Brandon

My Guitar Center Session premieres on DIRECTV Dec 7th 9pm. Here’s a sneak of Analog Man.

  1. Stephan avatar

    On Jan 13 2013, Stephan said:

    Wow and Hello! Channel surfed into the Guitar Sessions during "One Day at a Time," and was amazed before I was half way through. I have always been moved by the clarity and succinctness of Joe's voice and lyrics and sat there realizing that I have been singing to his radio songs, like, forever and it was a real pleasure to put a face to the voice. BTW, today I celebrate 8 years of sobriety and ODAAT is awesome and I thank HP for bringing me to it. Thanks Joe.

  2. Farmacyst avatar

    On Jan 6 2013, Farmacyst said:

    Thanks for keeping it real joe! Hey I've a great title for your next album ... Real to real ! Get it? (Reel to reel) 11/4/95 my life started over. Bar none it's the best thing that ever happend in my life. No bs there bro. Your best riff is yet to come. Sobriety affords us endless creativity. Saw you at wolf trap back in aug.good show! Wish you the best. Jim y.

  3. Farmacyst avatar

    On Jan 6 2013, Farmacyst said:


  4. Mikey T avatar

    On Dec 14 2012, Mikey T said:

    What kind of Guitar is that?

  5. Da Mack avatar

    On Dec 8 2012, Da Mack said:

    Goddamn, godamn! Nice to see you alive and sober. Life is so great when we're sober and you sounded great as all hell in this session. You were missed.

  6. Doug Piero Carey avatar

    On Dec 8 2012, Doug Piero Carey said:

    Joe, you rocked on Guitar Center! Like my wife said, you HAVE to get up and dance...

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