1. On Aug 10 2013, Viv said:

    Joe, Saw you in Vegas this year! Great show. Would love to see you perform,
    "Last Good Time in Town." Great song!

  2. On Aug 6 2013, Jebrom said:

    Joe, Let me rephrase - was a youngster when your 'The smoker you drink the player you get' came out - thanks to my sisters I grew up on your music and was sure to raise my son enjoying your music as well... editing isn't possible - sorry :)

  3. On Aug 6 2013, Jebrom said:

    Great news!! Now - please come to Texas?? My parents live in Gilmer so Don has roots and Joe - well, I am a fan.... I was a teen and my son (Joseph - no not named for but he carries an honorable name!) was born right before you guys were gearing up for Hell freezes over so he's grown up with you too. Now a student at UTSA and what an honor it would be to expose him (in person) to the best that there is or will ever be :) Those poor kids will never have that kind of mentors...