Joe Walsh message to his fans about playing in North Carolina:

Posted May 25 2016 by User

I have a few shows coming up in North Carolina: June 30th in Charlotte at the PNC Pavilion on my tour with Bad Company and August 9th in Raleigh at the Red Hat Amphitheater as part of my solo run. North Carolina has been in the news lately because of the new legislation passed (HB-2) that dictates which bathrooms transgender individuals are to use and overrules LGBT anti-discrimination measures passed by local governments in the state of North Carolina. It also deprives the rights of LGBT persons to fight back when their rights are denied in the workplace.

This legislation is deeply disconcerting and offensive to me and it hits close to home because, in addition to my diverse friends and peers from all walks of life, I have a gay stepson of whom I am very proud and that this legislation would directly affect. Because I am against discrimination of any kind, I encourage a full repeal of this law.

I believe that music is a language that connects people – without bias – and that my shows are a place where all are welcome and all can feel safe. This is why I have chosen to proceed with concert dates as planned in North Carolina and will be donating my net profits to Equality NC and the ACLU. Both of these organizations will be on site at my show passing out information and collecting donations. You can also find links to their pages on my website where you can get more information or make a donation. Please consider contributing to these organizations who are working to repeal HB-2 and join me in coming together to protect equal rights for everyone including our LGBT children today and for years to come.

With gratitude and love,

Joe Walsh

Learn More:

Equality North Carolina

American Civil Liberties Union

  1. On Jun 27 2018, Terry Lindgren said:

    Joe, please sing One Day At A Time in Minneapolis this Saturday ... treatment capital of the world will love it!

  2. On Jun 12 2016, Average Girl said:

    Would you accept the job of President if we write your name on the ballot? Would you want the job, I should ask, lol!

  3. On Jun 12 2016, Average Girl said:

    That's cool you didn't cancel the shows because all that does is disappoint fans.

  4. On May 26 2016, WB said:

    THANK YOU Joe,

    By speaking out against North Carolina’s HB2 law, you’re in BIG company with other stars who have thoughtfully educated themselves on the issues. Including –

    Maroon 5, Itzhak Perlman, Ringo Star, Pearl Jam, Boston, Nick Jonas & Demi Lovito, Cirque du Soleil, Bruce Springsteen, Chatham County Line, Ani DiFranco, etc, etc.

    Other LUMINARIES AND ORGANIZATIONS speaking out against HB2:
    Henry Rollins, Duran Duran, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, The NBA, The NCAA, X Games, Bryant Gumbel, NASCAR(!), Duke University, American Academy of Pediatrics, (Republican) Donald Trump, (Republican) David Gergen, Dave Matthews, The Lumineers, Cyndi Lauper, David Sedaris, The Human Rights Campaign, etc, etc

    160+ COMPANIES REJECTING HB2, including:
    Google Ventures, Bloomberg, Visa, Campbell Soup, United Airlines, American Express, PayPal, REI, Logitech, Ernst & Young, Target, Time Warner Cable, Capital One, Deutsche Bank, The High Point Furniture Market, American Airlines, etc, etc. (Over 13 conventions have decided against hosting in NC).

    FILM AND TV STUDIOS boycotting production in the state:
    21st Century Fox, A&E Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Lionsgate Studios, etc.

    GOVERNMENTS banning official travel to the state:
    5 states, 27 cities and 7 counties.
    Britain has warned their LGBT citizens against travel to NC

    You obviously recognize that the topic of “Bathrooms” is a red herring.

    What lurks below the surface is a “goodie bag” of socially-regressive legislation. The HB2 law:

    • Erases the rights of every employee in the state by eliminating current protections against employment discrimination.
    • Bars state courts from hearing discrimination cases.
    • Contradicts the conservative idea that local communities should control their own affairs; this blanket law PROHIBITS local municipalities in NC:
    From enacting their own anti-discrimination policies,
    From setting a local minimum wage,
    From regulating child labor,
    From making certain regulations for city workers, and
    From requiring that contractors pay employees a living wage.

    HB2 is making North Carolina the laughing stock of the nation, while destroying its reputation internationally. This politically-fueled distraction is costing taxpayers millions in lost revenue from business and tourism. And it will do so for years to come.

    As you’ve likely heard, the bill violates the federal Civil Rights Act and the Violence Against Women Act, forcing the U.S. Department of Justice to sue the state(!).

    North Carolina is full of good and amazing people. I hope you’ll help your audience understand the depth and breadth of this madness, above and beyond its obvious heinous attack on basic human dignity.

    As a high-profile star –- and the thoughtful, generous human you are – you’re leading by example. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Warm regards,

    Your fan(s!)

  5. On May 26 2016, JustaTexan said:

    Hey Joe,

    I caught One Hell of a Night the 24th. Great show!! I love both you and Paul. First time to see both of you and the show was excellent. As others have posted I too have concerns about these policies and would be sexual predators. I truely appreciate your stance for the rights of others and that you decided to continue your dates and use it for that cause. It would be a shame to deprive so many of your great performance based on the actions of some. Thanks for being a stand up guy Joe and you rock. It is unfortunate that there are those who would take advantage of the rights gained by lgbt citizens for personal sexual gratification, but they are among us and are there for a real issue. That seems to make it a sticky issue. It seems both sides have concerns that are equally valid.

  6. On May 26 2016, purplesturm said:

    Thank You Joe Walsh! Instead of Canceling,You are honoring the fans and also making a statement on HB-2! Looking forward to the Raleigh show!
    Chapel Hill,

  7. On May 26 2016, Airun2469 said:

    You are missing the boat on this one my friend. I have nothing agianst the LGBT community and hope we can all learn to live in peace with each other. My concern is for the safety and welfare of the women of our country, particularly my wife and two daughters. I am not suggesting the LGBT community is more prone to sex crimes than the rest of the population. Frankly, I am not all that worried about the LGBT. My fear is that sexual predators of use the opportunity target and attack women in public restrooms. I would think the LGBT community would have the same concern. I have several gay friends. None of them think this is a good idea. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the real concern most people, including myself have about the the safety of women, the LGBT communities and their supporters have responding with name calling and accusations of homophobia and hate. The solution to this issue needs to work for everyone involved, not just LGBT community.

  8. On May 26 2016, tmooney said:

    Joe: I just wanted to say that your approach to the ongoing N. Carolina LGBT/Transgender issue is refreshing. I am a conservative and, as such, have a tendency to agree with the N. Carolina Legislature. That being said, I'm also appreciative of your belief that music is a universal language and affects people, no matter their persuasion, in a wonderful way that sets differences aside in humans forming common ground for all to hear, see and cherish. Always liked you I like you even more. A very brave and supportive move on your part, in my view. Thanks!!

  9. On May 26 2016, CrusCntrl said:

    Joe, thanks for all the great music over the years. I lived in the Mountains in Colorado during the early days. Now in CA. There are many people in this country and many different opinions. It is hard for me not to see both sides of this. I don't think the solution should be mandated by the executive branch. It should be left to the states and the best solution (if there is a problem at all in a particular school), is to put in a third restroom. Quite frankly, the things that have to be done in a restroom are best kept as private as possible. Sh..ting, p...sng, sp.....tng, hacking, coughing, picking, etc. And unfortunately multiple stall public restrooms are places where, no pun intended, sh.....t can happen as they are isolated from public visibility. So I think mixing sexes in multiple stall restrooms is not a good idea. Take some of that school money and build a few extra generic restrooms.

  10. On May 26 2016, WyoGirl said:

    My late husband Patrick had MS for many years. He needed help going to the bathroom. This wasn't a problem when we were at home, but when we were out in the world it was a problem. I didn't want to go into the men's room, so when he had to go, we went into the ladies' room. I would go in first, to see if anyone was in there, and when the coast was clear, I would wheel him in and help him get situated. Then I would stand near the door, in case someone came in, and I would tell them that my handicapped husband was using the facilities but he would be done in a minute. This was embarrassing for him, but you have to do what you have to do. I was so happy to see the 'family' restrooms, which removed his embarrassment. But even today, they are few and far between.
    The people who passed the bathroom bills are so narrowly focused on 'those evil gay people' that they can't think of anything or anyone else. Today if Patrick needed to use the restroom he would be arrested. Not because he wants to spy on women with their pants down, or to molest little girls, but because he needed help going to the bathroom. We see what we want to see, and ignore everything else.

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