1. On May 25 2016, Cherie Williams said:

    I don't think anyone expected any less from you. Class act. Bravo, sir!

  2. On May 25 2016, RobinBaneth said:

    Whatever Joe says and does I am quite fine with since he is the greatest entertainer on earth. I was about to fly to Red Rocks from Raleigh and now I do not have to. I do not care who I go to the bathroom with.

  3. On May 25 2016, twig549 said:

    I'm from NC and I don't want to be a part of anything that hurts or discriminates against anyone or Animals, especially Animals! Get ready to catch hell from your friends, the poop storm will hit the fan probably within minutes of your post. I just want to say "Thank you" for trying to find a way to educate instead making our state a little more poorer.
    with graditude,
    steve whitfield

  4. On May 25 2016, purplesturm said:

    KUDOS and Hats off to you Joe Walsh, Sir!
    Thank You for Not canceling your NC shows and thinking of the fans!! While people may disagree with the the HB-2 Law, the Fans, concert goers did not pass or sign the HB -2 law in NC! While some artists have cancelled their shows in NC bc of HB-2(Bruce Springsteen) , some have proceeded on with their shows! Cindy Lauper used her show to raise money and speak out against HB-2!

    Will be looking forward to the Raleigh show!

  5. On May 25 2016, Laurasdad said:

    Joe, HB2 changed nothing that did not already exist in N.C., and indeed in 30+ other states. Transgenders could not use women's bathrooms when you've performed here in the past. HB2 was about one city's unlawfully ignoring existing laws. You may not be aware, but the number of known sexual offenders exceeds the number of transgenders in America by quite a bit. Every other time a woman encounters a man in a women's bathroom, he is a predator. HB2 is intended to prevent predators from using gender as a way to access women's bathrooms. Our citizens demand to be protected from predators. The LGBT community should be backing HB2, if they are concerned about anyone other than themselves. There is little evidence that they are, so 99.7% of us must stand up for our own rights.

  6. On May 25 2016, mellowme said:

    Joe, I respect your commitment to your fans and to your step son. I do have a problem with LGBT being all lumped into one bag. There is a big difference between a gay person being denied rights to work, rent an apartment, etc etc and a person with confused sexual identification be it real, imagined, or invented, sharing a bathroom or locker room with my Grand Daughter. Keep it honest, Many of us are watching..

  7. On May 25 2016, ndmbm said:

    I love your music, but Joe you've played in Charlotte before; I watched an amazing performance with you and a couple other guys not so long ago. You are indeed a great musician and entertainer. This is an important issue that needs resolution but it's the job of the elected officials to work it out - and they will, after which citizens can vote their conscious. I respect your decision to play the venue, but in my opinion, entertainers who abandon their NC fans are the lowest of the low. If they choose not to play NC, do they also research every single venue for policies they disagree with and make decisions accordingly? Thanks for allowing comments, this opinion reflects only my own.

  8. On May 25 2016, Randy56 said:

    Well played - thanks for keeping the shows in NC (I as well as many other of your long time fans have been waiting for you) and using it to hopefully bring greater awareness and understanding to this issue. HB2 is highly discriminatory, not just to the trans and lgbt communities, but to all workers and citizens of NC. And thanks for using your celebrity in the many charitable causes you contribute to such as addiction awareness - and the music of course. Looking forward to one hell of a night - analog lives!

  9. On May 25 2016, TobyS said:

    Thank you, Joe. It's levelheaded thinking like yours that we need more of. If we had that, to begin with, we in the state of North Carolina would not be in the unsavory position we, hopefully, temporarily find ourselves in. I can find sense in the arguments of both sides of the debate, but it would seem that the views of only one side have made it into legislation. That's never a good plan or result, With luck, more celebrities of great influence will decide not to put we, their loyal and adoring fans, in the crossfire, but instead launch a high-profile and enduring campaign for equality, as you have done by making this decision. You go, Joe! We love you, man. I'm off to drink a little smoker...

  10. On May 25 2016, Jason Didner said:

    Well played, sir! A full boycott (as you did earlier) sends a message to big businesses that these laws hurt their bottom line and motivates businesses to put pressure on lawmakers to change course. Performing the show, donating profits to the cause and having LGBT rights leaders present helps mobilize voters to pressure lawmakers and possibly vote out ones who supported this bad bill. There's no right/wrong answer as to how best to take action against prejudice. This all-of-the-above approach makes sense. I'm proud to share your hometown of Montclair, NJ!