Joe Walsh message to his fans about playing in North Carolina:

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I have a few shows coming up in North Carolina: June 30th in Charlotte at the PNC Pavilion on my tour with Bad Company and August 9th in Raleigh at the Red Hat Amphitheater as part of my solo run. North Carolina has been in the news lately because of the new legislation passed (HB-2) that dictates which bathrooms transgender individuals are to use and overrules LGBT anti-discrimination measures passed by local governments in the state of North Carolina. It also deprives the rights of LGBT persons to fight back when their rights are denied in the workplace.

This legislation is deeply disconcerting and offensive to me and it hits close to home because, in addition to my diverse friends and peers from all walks of life, I have a gay stepson of whom I am very proud and that this legislation would directly affect. Because I am against discrimination of any kind, I encourage a full repeal of this law.

I believe that music is a language that connects people – without bias – and that my shows are a place where all are welcome and all can feel safe. This is why I have chosen to proceed with concert dates as planned in North Carolina and will be donating my net profits to Equality NC and the ACLU. Both of these organizations will be on site at my show passing out information and collecting donations. You can also find links to their pages on my website where you can get more information or make a donation. Please consider contributing to these organizations who are working to repeal HB-2 and join me in coming together to protect equal rights for everyone including our LGBT children today and for years to come.

With gratitude and love,

Joe Walsh

Learn More:

Equality North Carolina

American Civil Liberties Union

  1. On May 26 2016, Airun2469 said:

    You are missing the boat on this one my friend. I have nothing agianst the LGBT community and hope we can all learn to live in peace with each other. My concern is for the safety and welfare of the women of our country, particularly my wife and two daughters. I am not suggesting the LGBT community is more prone to sex crimes than the rest of the population. Frankly, I am not all that worried about the LGBT. My fear is that sexual predators of use the opportunity target and attack women in public restrooms. I would think the LGBT community would have the same concern. I have several gay friends. None of them think this is a good idea. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the real concern most people, including myself have about the the safety of women, the LGBT communities and their supporters have responding with name calling and accusations of homophobia and hate. The solution to this issue needs to work for everyone involved, not just LGBT community.

  2. On May 26 2016, tmooney said:

    Joe: I just wanted to say that your approach to the ongoing N. Carolina LGBT/Transgender issue is refreshing. I am a conservative and, as such, have a tendency to agree with the N. Carolina Legislature. That being said, I'm also appreciative of your belief that music is a universal language and affects people, no matter their persuasion, in a wonderful way that sets differences aside in humans forming common ground for all to hear, see and cherish. Always liked you I like you even more. A very brave and supportive move on your part, in my view. Thanks!!

  3. On May 26 2016, CrusCntrl said:

    Joe, thanks for all the great music over the years. I lived in the Mountains in Colorado during the early days. Now in CA. There are many people in this country and many different opinions. It is hard for me not to see both sides of this. I don't think the solution should be mandated by the executive branch. It should be left to the states and the best solution (if there is a problem at all in a particular school), is to put in a third restroom. Quite frankly, the things that have to be done in a restroom are best kept as private as possible. Sh..ting, p...sng, sp.....tng, hacking, coughing, picking, etc. And unfortunately multiple stall public restrooms are places where, no pun intended, sh.....t can happen as they are isolated from public visibility. So I think mixing sexes in multiple stall restrooms is not a good idea. Take some of that school money and build a few extra generic restrooms.

  4. On May 26 2016, WyoGirl said:

    My late husband Patrick had MS for many years. He needed help going to the bathroom. This wasn't a problem when we were at home, but when we were out in the world it was a problem. I didn't want to go into the men's room, so when he had to go, we went into the ladies' room. I would go in first, to see if anyone was in there, and when the coast was clear, I would wheel him in and help him get situated. Then I would stand near the door, in case someone came in, and I would tell them that my handicapped husband was using the facilities but he would be done in a minute. This was embarrassing for him, but you have to do what you have to do. I was so happy to see the 'family' restrooms, which removed his embarrassment. But even today, they are few and far between.
    The people who passed the bathroom bills are so narrowly focused on 'those evil gay people' that they can't think of anything or anyone else. Today if Patrick needed to use the restroom he would be arrested. Not because he wants to spy on women with their pants down, or to molest little girls, but because he needed help going to the bathroom. We see what we want to see, and ignore everything else.

  5. On May 25 2016, Fayetteville said:

    There is no way you can take a stand on any side of any issue today and not get lambasted by a bucketful of bullsh*t! All you can do is stand up for your beliefs and let them have their say. I do wish, however, that some of these haters would realize you are not profiting by turning your profits over to the LGBT cause, you are merely doing what you believe to be the right thing to do.

  6. On May 25 2016, LEO said:

    Have enjoyed both you & your music for a long time. Joe, as a cop with 27 years in a large metropolitan city - the transgender restroom issue is not quite as easy to deal with as everyone seems to think. I've had to deal with both sides of this situation many times & have yet to find a workable solution that all parties will accept much less allow without altercations! Having said this I don't know how a law can be written in the current environment. And who's to enforce it? The police? Let's be real - cops are already stretched too thin trying to handle major crimes, most of which are in progress. I written this so those who read it will understand this is first hand info that this issue is not a simple matter nor is simply writing a law going to make everything all better. I wish I had an answer but I don't.

  7. On May 25 2016, William Bradshaw said:

    You've lost me Joe. I've been a fan for over 40 years. ( yes I'm that old!) I was hoping for a solo tour this summer and checked your website daily. Needless to say I was very excited when I heard it was on! But, within the past few days, you've lost me. I found out that Waddy Watchel, the convicted child porn offender is now part of your band. And now, you're telling me that if I buy a ticket to your NC show, ALL of the net profits, my money before it was yours, will go to a cause that I find offensive and to organizations that I do not support. By supporting you now, and paying the salary of Mr Watchel, we are in fact turning a blind eye to child pornography and those who perpetrate the crime. By giving our money to the organizations you listed, we are supporting the idea that grown men should be allowed enter a bathroom that is being occupied by women and little girls. What has happened to our country Joe? I know what's right when I see it, and I know what's wrong. And I certainly don't need you or the government to tell me the difference. Been nice knowing you Joe. Or I thought I did.

  8. On May 25 2016, TobyS said:

    AZ, your opinion is extremely valuable, but you can't expect to know the heart of the decision of which you speak without explicitly hearing it from the source. Nevertheless, consider a couple of points. The GOP will always be the GOP, but laws can change. If you have issues with the GOP, then it's likely best to avoid even the hint of alignment with them. If you have issues with laws, it's time to get involved.

  9. On May 25 2016, AZ said:

    But you have no problem bowing out playing for the troops when you found out in was tied in with the GOP convention in Cleveland. No doubt As long as they are Liberal troops you would have no issues. Hollywood Hypocrite. Ticketmaster had more than two-thirds of the venue available as of show time last Sunday. You loose a large number of your audience when you speak your mind. No problem with that. I have the solution, if God made you with a penis you use a men's room. You have a vagina you go to the women's room. If this hurts someone's feelings....tough shit grow the eff up and quit whining.

  10. On May 25 2016, Sheila S said:

    Joe Walsh....first, I want to thank you for the show last night in The Woodlands, TX. You guys lived up to your slogan of One Hell of A Tour & delivered a great time for ALL! I support your views on equal rights & am passionate because I have a gay son who has given me a wealth of knowledge in life that no textbook ever could. The idea of sharing restrooms is scarey for only those who aren't educated of the transgender community. I beg everyone to have an open mind & meet transgender & gay people. It is then, they will better understand the importance of this law. They will quickly learn that the transgender of a man to a woman desires a man's attention the same as a heterosexual. Rapist don't dress in women's clothing to attract a woman. In fact, rape is a crime committed by an angry disgusting person who wants to instill fear & be in control while terrorizing a woman. Therefore, it occurs more in a secluded place than a public restroom. We are already sharing restrooms with transgender people & it hasn't caused an increase of sexual attacks in there. It is my hope that ALL of your cool fans will educate themselves about the gay community, love one another regardless & simply enjoy life. I am such a better person after being exposed to the gay community & have received much respect & love from many young people because I support my son. I've been blessed to make a positive difference in lives of the gay people who hug me, thank me & tell me horror stories of what they endure from others who don't understand. This includes being kicked out of their homes, disowned by parents, treated as criminals. Those negative things hurt others. Please, Please....educate yourself on the community before agreeing to discriminate. Discrimination only makes the world a tougher place & has NEVER benefited anyone. God Bless Us ALL! Peace!

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