Joe Walsh: My Life in 15 Songs

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Joe Walsh has called himself an "ordinary average guy," which is something of a stretch for a man who's written some of rock's greatest riffs, from the James Gang's "Funk #49" to the Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane" and his own "Rocky Mountain Way." Walsh's offstage exploits are similarly the stuff of legend: He's hung with Hendrix, freaked out Elton John, leveled hotel rooms with the likes of Keith Moon and John Belushi, and even ran for president (his platform: Free Gas for Everyone) – all while consuming enough vodka and cocaine to fell an elephant. "I never imagined how far down one could go," Walsh told Rolling Stone recently about his years of abuse. "But I went there. And it was a long way back."

Now 68 and sober for more than two decades, Walsh has righted his course. He released a well-received album, Analog Man, in 2012, and is currently out playing sheds on a co-headlining run with Bad Company, on the aptly named "One Hell of a Night" tour. He checked in with RS from a (presumably intact) hotel room in Arkansas to look back on his roughly half century in music. "It's a pretty good list of songs," he remarked about the ones discussed here. But, he added, "I don't think I'm done yet. There's still some more stuff I want to say."

Head over to to check out the list of songs.

  1. Jeff Brown avatar

    On Sep 22 2016, Jeff Brown said:

    Next time you play the bay area Joe, I'll finally meet you at the meet"N"greet. I hope it happens soon!!

  2. Chrismiller avatar

    On Aug 5 2016, Chrismiller said:

    Can't wait to see you in Louisville!!! Be in the 3rd row!!! God bless you Joe!

  3. openocean avatar

    On Jun 28 2016, openocean said:

    God Bless you Joe! your music has always brought me strength and peace from the 70's to even now! I have many things in my life to be thankful for and your music is a big Part of that! I know your not done yet! cant wait for what comes next, welcome to cruise the ocean anytime with us! See you in Portland , Me. god bless and Thank you Joe!!!

  4. RGuy avatar

    On Jun 18 2016, RGuy said:

    Hey Joe - Please play Life of Illusion in Chicago this Thursday. Thanks! Love ya, man... -Chicago Randy

  5. Vikki Jean Mankins avatar

    On Jun 3 2016, Vikki Jean Mankins said:

    This just too cool and so are you Joe. Love ya' come back to the Tulsa OK area soon.

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