1. Stephen Martorano avatar

    On Nov 10 2018, Stephen Martorano said:

    The hardest working man in show biz. Nevertheless I have another request. Please call-in to our radio program dedicated to recovery from substance abuse. Anytime, from anywhere at your convenience.

    Just let me know how I have to reach out to in order to make this happen.

  2. Joeandmewhenwewerekids avatar

    On Nov 1 2018, Joeandmewhenwewerekids said:

    Dear Mr. Walsh.
    When I was in the navy and just a kid I was coming back to san diego from Washington after my uncle died. I sat with a kid like myself who said he was Joe Walsh and he played in the James Gang. I took him to the base by taxi to give him a ride home and my friend had my car so he left in our shared taxi. Was that you? You may not even remember. Anyway, could have been cause we were both the same age. Even though I didn't know your music then I know it now. Hey! and we're both still alive. If it wasn't you it has certainly made a wonderful story all these years...God bless dude. Jerry

  3. Ned Dolese avatar

    On Oct 22 2018, Ned Dolese said:

    Hi. I would like to help raise awareness and contribute to this worthy cause. I am a friend of Bill W and admire what you are doing very much. My email address is: [email protected] Please reach back when you have a chance and I’ll be glad to share my contact info. Thx. Ned.

  4. Mika Liimatainen OH6NVC avatar

    On Sep 8 2018, Mika Liimatainen OH6NVC said:

    I have been Joes fan almost my whole life.
    My old old dream is to meet Joe ,from eye to eye.
    With Joe, We have a same hobby and passion.... Amateur radio! It saved both of us, our life.
    WB6ACU de OH6NVC. 73, Mika

  5. Jamesgang avatar

    On Aug 30 2018, Jamesgang said:

    I’m in, Joe!

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