1. On Jan 31 2020, Silent Warrior Project said:

    Joe -

    I forgot to mention that you and I met in the Summer of 1995, HFO Tour at Aloha Stadium. You toured my submarine, USS Birmingham SSN 695, While you visited Pearl Harbor that weekend. I was at the show, newly sober, and I’m certain I had a “spiritual experience “ listening to Hotel California in the full moon at Aloha stadium. Good times brother. RH

  2. On Jan 31 2020, Silent Warrior Project said:

    I left a message for Irving A., to set up a chat with you about setting up a concert similar to this one, but next summer 2020 or 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    I am the founder of the Silent Warrior Project (SWP). SWP Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to its mission of reducing veteran suicide rates related to post traumatic stress (PTS) and military sexual trauma (MST). We host spiritual retreats for veterans who struggle with PTS and MST. Retreats are free for veterans to attend. At our retreats, we provide tools to help vets reduce stress through: mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), contemplative silent reflection (CSR), fellowship with other veterans, as well as other holistic modalities to heal from trauma like Reiki, tai chi, acupuncture, somatic bodywork and equine therapy.
    Joe, I’m reaching out to you because I heard a podcast or a statement on your behalf or directly from you that you prefer to work with veterans organizations run by veterans and that you can know where the money goes. The silent Warrior Project consists entirely of volunteers (40). No one is paid. Our goal is to dedicate 90% of all contributions directly to our mission of reducing veteran suicide rates related to PTS and MST.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ryan L. Haugen, Founder
    The Silent Warrior Project
    [email protected]

  3. On Jan 17 2020, Doc Wil said:

    As a 26 year Veteran of the Air Force, its Awesome to see Joe being a part of something he and I share a common ground. His Father and Mine were both Air Force. My goal when I was going to college back in the 60's was to become an astronaut! My Uncle Joe left the Air Force and joined NASA only thing he already had his astronaut rating having flown the X-15 to altitudes that gave him "Astronaut Wings!" The only person to ever join NASA and already hold that such "Rating". Thumbs Up Joe!! You're always in my music of the day. My newest fiancé Stephanie loves Analog Man! Well I'm guilty of being that nerdy 10 yr old that had to help program your VCR and remotes!!LOL

    Love Ya Man!


  4. On Oct 2 2019, Adrianne said:

    I am so thrilled to hear about this concert on behalf of veterans!!! A friend of mine has just recently left Ohio and is doing a 40-day tour in hope of bringing more attention to veterans and all the issues they face in everyday life and, in particular, medical problems. She has her van all decked out with signs and has had a lot of positive reception for the few days she has been on the road. Her personal stories as a veteran have been both inspiring and very heartbreaking. I don’t know if she’s heading your direction but I will let her know about the concert. She loves to connect or visit with anyone working on behalf of our veterans. Thank you so much!!!