1. On Jun 25 2021, Vickie Whitelegg said:

    Beyond gutted the Wembley shows were cancelled. Totally understand it's best to stay safe but hoping you'll come to the UK when you're able.

  2. On May 21 2020, Phil Holbrook said:

    Are the Wembley shows going to be rescheduled?

  3. On May 2 2020, LA Allison said:

    Please forward my gratitude to Mr. Walsh.Day 8.I have been asked to post any album that has had an impact on me at any age, for ten days. I invite any one of my crazy and creative friends to share their top ten favorites as well.

    Any Album or Group featuring the music and performance of Joe Walsh. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was this guys music that kept a smile on my face. For over a year, I couldn't listen to much else. His humor in his lyrics and the way he put together melody lines and varying styles/genres in one piece, woke me up with every listen. He added mariachi trumpets in several of his big hits like, Life of Illusion, and Lifes Been Good, and his 80s tours where he opened for Stevie Nicks, he opened with Fanfare for the Common Man, gotta love a musician who does that at a rock concert. A fun fact, is he was the solo oboist in his high school orchestra and to this day he has great respect for all instrumentalists. He quit the oboe because he discovered that the young ladies preferred the guitar, lol. Like a modern day Mozart, his music just made me really happy during a time when I was battling my own war on cancer, while simultaneously caring for my father during his rapid decline in health and eventual death and my brothers health decline that ultimately led to a stroke and landed him indefinitely in a nursing facility. It was a depressing time, but Joe kept me singing when my normally beloved, Great American song book, couldn't. Whether it be his solo work, James Gang, Barnstorm or the Eagles, I couldn't just get enough of this artist during that time in my life. He was my go to music therapist at the most challenging time of my life. Forever grateful and a fan of Mr. Joe Fidler Walsh.

  4. On Mar 28 2020, Weezer said:

    Just wanted to let you know my husband and I have been fans for many years. We are currently staying in watching tv because of the Coronavirus. We are watching a concert from 2002, you have made us smile and feel better today!! Just wanted to thank you for being you. ??????