The Quietus : Taking It Easy: Joe Walsh Of The Eagles Interviewed

Posted Jun 25 2012 by Brandon

Julian Marszalek speaks to Joe Walsh about life with the world's biggest rock group, going solo and, er, boshing pills and going out raving to psy-trance...

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  1. Rog's Garage avatar

    On Jul 13 2012, Rog's Garage said:

    Just got the new one last week & it left me smilin' just like I did in the early 70's when I first heard "The Bomber". I'm in my sixties and it's a good thing to hear great "new music" once again! Keep on Rockin' Joe!

  2. uvarider82 avatar

    On Jun 25 2012, uvarider82 said:

    One more thing. I'm a vegetarian and I don't drink anymore, but I'm still coming to Ribfest in Naperville to hear you play. I'll just have some of the great roast corn, some lemonade and rock out to some kick-ass guitar. Turn your amp up to 11 Joe!

  3. uvarider82 avatar

    On Jun 25 2012, uvarider82 said:

    I think Joe is just a regular guy who happens to be a hell of guitarist with really cool friends. Those of us over 50 are lucky to still be here. I know I didn't plan on being 52, ever! But it feels great to still be here and to have new Rock music to listen to. I might not wait in line for an autograph like I used to, but I'm still a big fan! Thanks Joe!

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